Tuesday, April 28th 2009

QuickGene Beta Update 0.3.1 (PC only)

Update 0.3.1 for QuickGene was released this week, focusing strongly on user-feedback. We addressed a number of problems and made numerous changes to the interface and usability, making many features clearer and easier to access. Most notably, the search function received a small update, which is only a hint of things to come. It now searches both strands by default (the template strand and reverse complement) and will soon receive an update to set these parameters.

The bulk of work for this update has gone into repairs and modifications requested by users. These include the following list of changes:

  • Statistics tab now has the option to display non-cutting enzymes.

  • The general design has been improved. (Let us know what you think!)

  • Restriction site searches are 20% faster.

  • Translation readability has been improved.

  • Stability and crash detection have been improved.

  • Fixed: Searching now includes the reverse complement. (Configuration options will be included in the next update)

  • Fixed: Nucleotide counts now update properly after editing the sequence.

  • Fixed: GenBank file requirements have been relaxed. (QuickGene now still attempts to open GenBank files that do not adhere exactly to the GenBank specification)

Naturally, we are very committed to building what you need and have been working hard to do so. Keep sending us ideas for improvement and we'll continue adding them!