Monday, September 14th 2009

QuickGene Beta 0.6 - Even More Reliable and Supporting Windows 7

Currently, we're focusing on the stability and reliability of QuickGene. When designing your cloning strategy, you want to know the program you're using isn't going to fall apart and crash moments before you save your work. While we're making good on our promise to be the most reliable program out there, we've already built a backup system to make sure that a crash doesn't mean starting from scratch. If an essential component of QuickGene fails, a safety net is in place that will perform a last-second save of your project. The next time you start QuickGene, it will present you with the backup, letting you get back to work, throw it away or save it for later.

Of course, the ultimate goal is for no one to experience that life-saving backup function. In update 0.6.0, we've ensured Windows 7 compatibility and hammered out a handful of bugs. In particular, file and project support has been vastly improved, yet again, and you'll have the pleasure of knowing it can handle huge projects with thousands of features, millions of bases long. If you have a GenBank file QuickGene can't handle, we want to know about it! You can look forward to support for more file-types in the future too.

As usual, the full list of changes in QuickGene 0.6 is below.

New features

  • Added compatibility for Windows 7.

  • Feature names now appear within features in the sequence view, and in a tooltip when hovering the mouse pointer over them.

  • The "Go to base pair" function now allows selection of a range.

  • Creating features now supports complex features and ranges. (One feature's position may be specified as "100-200,250-300" which will be displayed as a feature from bp100-300. Later, this will be displayed in more detail, clearly showing gaps.)


  • Improved feedback panel in the welcome screen. (Please revote on items that have no yellow stars)

  • Fixed crashes when importing sequences into a project.

  • Fixed unnecessary "problem" messages regarding unknown or misplaced keywords when opening GenBank files.

  • Fixed crashes when rapidly sorting enzyme lists in the Enzyme Manager and Statistics tab.

  • Fixed importing QuickGene project files (.qgproj) that would result in empty sequences.

  • Fixed screenshot thumbnails in the feedback dialog being distorted.