Monday, March 15th 2010

CrimsonBase Scores Big on Innovation

In the weeks following the launch of its DNA analysis software, CrimsonBase is being thrust toward the spotlight. Having achieved backing from Shell's LiveWIRE program as one of the 200 selected "technostarters" as well as a nomination for the Innovation Top 100 (Dutch) by Syntens, the company is on the brink of enjoying explosive growth thanks to its rapidly expanding network.

CrimsonBase has also been selected as one of Holland's 20 most promising, innovative ICT companies by ICTRegie and will be presenting their products at the prestigious ICTDelta Convention (Dutch) in Rotterdam this week. The annual convention will take place on March 18th at the Rotterdam WTC Convention Center, where admission is free and visitors will be able to cast votes to award the most promising company €10,000. The nomination of the bioinformatics company is particularly surprising, noting the broad scope of the convention, including popular fields such as gaming, 3D technology, and databases.

The product which has attracted so much attention is DNA analysis software, "QuickGene"; a name which, according to co-founder and president, Eric Lammertsma, "perfectly captures our focus. There's no shortage of software in genetics, but there is a stunning absence of user-friendliness and understanding of what researchers need. That's what we're bringing to the table, using innovative approaches to get time-consuming work done quickly and easily." In a recent interview for the Dutch financial newspaper "Het Financieele Dagblad" (Dutch), he stated that over 400 researchers from fifteen countries participated in the testing and development of the software; a staggering response for a small company in such a niche market.

These recent nominations and the enthusiasm of researchers confirm the company's vision. "It's absolutely great and an affirmation that we're on the right track. It's extremely motivating."